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25 Shades of Grey

Dear Anahi,

I know that it’s 50 Shades of Grey, but I am only half way through the book and so here is my review of the first half.

First of all, this is totally mommy porn. How could I ever listen to you and buy this trash novel? Since I’ve already invested $9.99, I might as well read the whole damn thing.  About 100 pages in I was like, “Sheesh get to the sexy part already! That’s what I was promised.”  About 20 pages later I was like,” OMG is she going to do anything else today because I’m like so over this.”

There was lots of build up to the sexy part and the story intrigued me. I was  immediately drawn in because our heroine, Anastasia, must interview Mr. Grey, which isn’t going so smoothly. I know what’s it like when an interview has gone awry. =/ The weird thing about our heroine’s name is how much I think it mirrors my own.  Whenever icy Mr. Grey beckons for Anastasia, he pronounces each syllable carefully and drawn out. Somehow, I hear my own name instead, long and awkward, a mouthful  — Ahhh-lex-zaan-dra. It’s really creepy. The first weekend of reading this book I had nightmares.

I totally hate you for suggesting this book. Now I’m addicted I have to read it through to the end. I must admit that this is the first time I’ve blogged in a long time, so  kudos for the fire.

Ok, last thing.

There’s a gray (not grey, we’re in America!) tie that Mr. Grey uses to tie up Anastasia. It’s a recurring theme and apparently someone is banking on this and is coming out with a clothing line. I’m not so sure about it because I’m not really interested, I’m still trying to find an awesome tie to wear on Tie Day Friday.

Overall the book is filled with many “Oh my!” moments and other naughtiness that I know my mother would not approve of. I don’t feel comfortable repeating the details at work because  it’s just that weird. Also you can only imagine what the bosses might think if they hear us talking about that stuff. The paddling jokes and karaoke “Calendar Girls” is enough for me already.

Stop reading this while you’re driving. I know you are!


P.S. Just for fun I’m including a video of a Hole song.

Hole – “Violet”






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