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Ryan is Awesome or Awesome Ryan

(3:02:12 PM) Ryan: I just wrote a new song… it goes like this
(3:02:23 PM) Ryan: “I’m going home in 30 minutes.. in your face Joey”
(3:02:38 PM) Ryan: I sang it to Joey… he wasn’t impressed
(3:03:02 PM) Alex: wow. i am impressed
(3:03:06 PM) Alex: and jealous
(3:03:14 PM) Alex: i sang it to Annie and she wants to buy it on itunes
(3:03:22 PM) Alex: is it on itunes yet?
(3:03:32 PM) Ryan: maybe tonight
(3:03:37 PM) Alex: hahahah
(3:03:39 PM) Alex: awesome
(3:03:46 PM) Ryan: tell her to look for it
(3:03:49 PM) Ryan: the band name is
(3:03:52 PM) Ryan: Ryan is Awesome
(3:03:57 PM) Ryan: or Awesome Ryan

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2 Responses to “Ryan is Awesome or Awesome Ryan”

  1. Candice
    9:23 pm on January 27th, 2011

    Um, how does this qualify as YOUR blog? Ryan did all the AWESOME work.

  2. Ryan
    10:11 pm on January 27th, 2011

    Yeah, I did do all the work! (Thanks for noticing and pointing that out Candice)

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