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Pretty Little Time Suckers (NOOKbooks #4-7)

I’ve been totally addicted to these Pretty Little Liars books since I started reading the series about two weeks ago. I’m already on the fourth book and there are currently 8 novels, but soon 9-12 will be out too. I keep seeing the ads for the show on Disney Family channel, but I’m so far behind that I have no idea what’s going on in the show, so I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD and Netflix it then.

The best way I can describe these books is like The Baby-sitters Club meets The OC, and Kristy and the gang have been bad, bad girls. I love my share of teenage angst and drama in movies and books and this series does not disappoint. I was expecting to read a few pages and totally hate it, like the Twilight series.  So I downloaded a sample…and I was hooked.  I love mysteries and scandal (probably why I am addicted to “Snapped” as well) and Pretty Little Liars has all that.

First there is the mystery of what really happened to the beautiful 13-year-old Ali who disappeared on the last day of Seventh grade 3 years earlier. Ali was the Queen Bee of her group of friends: Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer (Really, who names their kid Spencer?) It’s three years later and the girls have moved on, but still can’t shake the memory of their missing friend–mostly because she knew secrets about them and individually she was the only person they told.  Then  there’s the question if she’s alive or dead.  And finally there is a mysterious character “A,”  who contacts all four girls (via e-mail and texting–duh) and tortures them with the secrets she knows, but only Ali could know. So is Ali back or is there someone else who knows all their dirty little secrets? Think you’ve figured out who is “A” or how Ali disappeared? Guess again, because Unbelievable (PLL#4) has me switching my vote.

The excitement from these books has me reading every chance I get. They’ve been total time suckers: work breaks, late nights, waiting to get my haircut, anytime I can fit in a few pages, I do. I am that hooked into unraveling the mystery and reading all the scandal.

Warning: the PLL series is a bunch of cliff hangers and will suck you in to read the next one. I’ve already invested about $36– at $8.99/book and will probably have a bill double that once I finish all of them.

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