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Successfully Saving (NOOKbook #3)

I have just finished reading and watching “Confessions of a Shopaholic” By Sophie Kinsella. It was so funny and so real, I laughed out loud like a crazy many times. Although it’s just a story, real people are facing some real debt and and aren’t sure what to do about it. I’m not going to give out any financial advice..because I totally don’t have any. But the book left me with a feeling of nostalgia from 2 years ago when my spending way way out of hand and also some thoughts on the future.

Rebecca Bloomwood is an amazing character with a love for high fashion, but a great lack of self-control. I know I have drooled over amazing jeans or jacket that I just couldn’t afford and had to walk away. Rebecca goes out and get what she wants and from what the book describes looks fantastic in it as well. But her salary as a journalist working for a low-end magazine “Successfully Saving” isn’t enough so her father suggests two options, Cut Back or Make More Money.

I have run into this dilemma as well. With the recent purchase of my house I am currently on the Cut Back plan and actually have been for several months. I had a hell of a summer last year, first with my mom being hospitalized several times, then my grandma dying and finally my job being cut back to half time. Working half time I was given the option to apply for assistance from EDD. It was many weeks before I saw my first paycheck, so I definitely had to cut back. That meant no extra spending: pedicures, shoes, wine tastings, movies, pretty much everything. I even contemplated canceling the cable in my apartment but I figured with all this free time I had now I would probably spend a good portion of it moping and watching Oxygen. Which I totally did.

Once I started spending less, I noticed that I was less tempted to spend at all. These material things weren’t going to satisfy me, it was just going to feed into the monster inside of me that needed to shop and shop. And then one day in September I came home from work and Joey had been on the phone with a Realtor and had looked into a loan for a house. He was tired of trying to negotiate with our landlord who was raising the rent a ridiculous amount. Considering that our washer was left broken 3 weeks  after we filed a notice of repair and the damn hoodlums were able to  shut off our  main breaker twice because there was no lock on the panel, we were definitely not going to renew our contract.

For the next two months I barely spent anything knowing that we would have to come up with a good down payment.  It’s been exciting and expensive being a homeowner and fixing up our fixer upper. So even though I didn’t get those shoes I wanted or go on vacation to Harry Potter land with Ryan, I totally saved and got something better that will last a lifetime…well at  least the next 30 years.

Overall, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” was a great read, I finished the book in about three days. Rebecca’s antics are hilarious in the ways she tries to avoid her debt or reason it (Well I definitely needed to buy that wine, it’s essential–excuses I am familiar with) and struggles to keep her life together. The British slang had me checking the online dictionary several times. In the end, Rebecca solved her continuing money issues with epiphany on shopping and spending and I learned that Sophie Kinsella may just be my new favorite author.

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