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You are overweight


November 2nd, 2010 Posted 12:11 am

My Mii

I’ve had the Wii Fit a little over a week now and for the past 8 days the one constant thing the Wii says to me is “You are Overweight.” Let me tell you, this thing lays on more guilt than your mother.

Ever since my friend Michael invited us over his place to play some Wii Fit  in the summer, Joey and I have walked past the game at Target nearly every week and stared longingly at it. Back in August we had our hours cut to half time…everyone in the company, including the managers and it really cut into our extra money. Money we had saved for our Hawaii trip, money for buying things like the Wii Fit, going to a Dodger game and basically everything. This was right after my grandma died actually, so sad times all around.  But our hours have been restored and after some critical adjusting, I was able to learn how to save my money.

Finally it went on sale and now I have my Wii Fit. It’s totally fun. I get to do a few Yoga poses between balancing on an iceberg, running along a river and flying out to a boat in a chicken suit.  But the Wii board is a serious trainer. There is a daily body test with short games testing my balance, memory and agility.  And based on my test scores, weight and BMI it calculates a Wii Fit age. Today I was 21. Which is awesomeeee because I’m really 24. But my BMI is a little high. It said i gained 2 lbs and that joey lost 2 lbs. it told me I need to lose about 8 lbs to reach my initial goal of losing 5 lbs. =/ Sheesh!

Today I watched Joey get mad at the board and jump on it because it wasn’t registering his exact movement and I thought, is this really going to help me lose weight? it’s great to see the changes in my weight from day to day, and know my BMI and really be conscious about it everyday.  But I’m not sure how much I can actually lose. The other day I had gained a few pounds and the Wii Fit made me pick a reason why I thought I had gained weight. So now I was totally responsible and aware of these changes. I spent today drinking water, green tea, eating fruit and salad, trying to change my eating habits before the Wii Fit yells at me again.  Maybe the games won’t shed the pounds as easy as real exercise, but the guilt definitely keeps me motivated.

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Cat Scratch Fever

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November 1st, 2010 Posted 11:12 pm

It’s been a while since I sat down and actually wrote a short story. I’ve been having crazy nostalgia lately so most of my thoughts and dreams have been about memories, but a few weeks ago I had an awesome dream, one where I’m actually laughing when my alarm goes off and wakes me up instead of trying to throw the damn thing out the window. And it inspired the beginning of a short story that I have been jokingly  calling my Great American novel. And just like the inspiration that came, it was quickly out the window again. I have an idea of where this story is going, I just have to find the right words to get me there. So here’s the beginning of it. Any fun comments, thoughts, or interpretive  pictures will be gladly accepted. =)

Coral Leigh opened the door to her apartment, threw down her purse and keys. Kicking off her shoes, she sat down on the couch to greet Adonis, who had been waiting for her all afternoon.

“Another stupid day of work, thanks God it’s the weekend. I don’t know what goes on that the receptionist’s mind, but somehow she likes to make her job and mine a lot harder than it needs to be.”

Adonis stared back at her, giving her a little nod to continue her story. He liked to listen to her talk, but responding only if she asked him a question. It was a silent agreement between the pair that had made them so compatible.

“You know, Don, I wonder what I’m doing at that job anyways. I mean she seriously suggested we celebrate Boss’s Day? Like isn’t every day Boss’s Day? Especially her, it’s no wonder she can afford the things she does with the tricks she turns. Well, I’m not whoring myself like that. I’m waiting for Mr. Right. He will come soon. I just know it.”

Adonis’s green eyes watched her tousle her hair as she smiled. kissed him affectionately on the nose and winked at him.  He wanted to express his deep affection for her, but there was something caught in his throat. Not only the words, but something bigger brewing…

“Awww, Adonis, that’s gross!” She yelled and ran for the bathroom. Coral Leigh returned with a rag and carpet cleaner. “You know, if you’re going to heave up hairballs, do it on the tile please.”

The cat lowered his head in apology, and began licking himself clean.

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