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Remembering Renee

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July 28th, 2010 Posted 11:04 pm

Christmas visit with the Grandparents

I wrote this eulogy honoring my grandmother who passed away last week. Tomorrow is her wake, where my dad will be giving this speech I wrote for him. I love you, Grandma. My mom says I walk just like you and that we have the same butt. Every time I pass a mirror, I’ll think about you. 😉

Thank you for joining us tonight to remember and honor a remarkable woman. Renee Dumont Lozano Guiterrez was born November 5, 1927 and returned to Heaven on July 23. Some of us called her “Mom,” and to our children, she will always be “Nana.” But whatever you called her–she was a woman whose smile and spirit has touched everyone around her–and has brought all of us together this evening.

Mom was 82 years old, but had a youthful spirit and liveliness in her that could never age. Growing up I remember Saturday nights at our house were filled with the sounds of music, laughter and there was always dancing. This is how I’m going to remember her. Mom never needed a reason to celebrate because her whole life was a celebration.

In every photo taken, Mom was grinning from ear to ear with pride and affection for her family. Her family made her proud. She encouraged us with her love to be the best people we can be. She believed in working hard, getting an education and showing the world that we weren’t a bunch of dummies, but rather, as individuals, we were destined to change the world. She was a loving, but strict mother. You knew to watch out, because if you stepped out of line, she was going to hit you with a chankla.

Mom loved her husband, children and grandchildren, and of course, turtles. She showed all of us love, whether it was with a hug, kiss, piece of food or something to drink. Let me tell you, Mom could make a cup of coffee like nobody else, the secret ingredient was love.

In my early years working the graveyard shift, if there was a party that night, or if they just missed me, Mom and Dad would stop by and bring me something to eat. I was a lucky guy to have my own mother bringing me lunch in the middle of the night.

Mom was my first introduction to the world of buses, which would later extend into a 30-year career in public transportation. I remember our home in Monterey Park: Mom and I would ride the bus together to get groceries. I was little at the time and couldn’t carry more than 2 bags. I remember the ugly green bus we rode, that “smelled ugly” because of the diesel. Back then it was a common experience, riding the bus to the store, but it would be a memory I would never forget. Later in life I would go on to join one of the most pretigious transportation systems in the region. One of Mom’s proudest moments wasn’t when I got hired into the RTD/MTA, but when my two younger brothers followed me there. Of course she would tease me and say the buses never worked, but I knew she was pleased.

Mom got in the car of life and rode it full blast. And even when the wheels came off, she kept on going. Mom would not allow anything to stop the celebration of life, even when she was sick and in and out of the hospital. She would tell us, “Go on, live life.” Mom did life her own way, but she always believed in family first. The door to her home was always open. And when we grew up and got married, we left the house, but never the home Mom created for us. She reminded all of us that she would always be there for us.

And tonight we are here for you, Mom. We are remembering you on this day, and are comforted by so many memories of the past. Always in our thoughts, and Forever in our hearts.
I love you.

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July 5th, 2010 Posted 12:59 pm

What is wrong with you?

Wow. Are you kidding me? Even your own address is wrong on your letterhead! No wonder you couldn’t get my address correct. Come, on! Get it together Merch Lackey.









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Where’d all the good people go?

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July 5th, 2010 Posted 12:38 pm

Dear Jack Johnson, having your merchandise sent to me in 3 plastic bags is not very eco-friendly. You tard!

Alexandra Lozano

July 6, 2010

Jack Johnson Music Online Store
c/o Merch Lackey
8510 Production Ave.
San Diego, CA 92121
United States

Re: Order (#)

To Customer Service Manager,

I am sending back this shirt that was incorrectly sent to me on June 29.

On June 27, I purchased a Jack Johnson “White Campbell” Girly Tank. When I received the package, the receipt said “White Campbell” Girly Tank, but the shirt I received was the the “White Canham” Girly T-shirt.  Not only was the item I received wrong, but my apartment number was missing from my address and UPS could not ship my package to my apartment, instead I had to pick it up in person. This was extremely inconvenient. I e-mailed my concerns to and never received a response. When I called on June 30 to notify Merch Lackey that my order was incorrect, I informed the person handling my order that my address was incorrect and gave her the apartment number. When I received the correct shirt, my apartment number was again missing and I had to drive 10 miles once again to retrieve my package from the UPS center.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the customer service I received from Merch Lackey. My order was wrong, it didn’t get shipped to my correct address and when the order was corrected, it still didn’t get shipped to my apartment because my address was incorrect on the label.  I was excited to purchase more Jack Johnson items in the future, but after this experience I will not be purchasing any more items from your company. I have already let others know not to purchase anything from Merch Lackey. The customer service I received was poor, unprofessional and shows that Merch Lackey doesn’t care enough about their customers, like me, to get my order or address right the first time.


Alexandra Lozano

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