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A Day in the Life

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June 30th, 2010 Posted 4:48 pm

Screw you, June!

It’s finally the last day of June, which is good because June was pretty fucked up–with the exception of my hatch day and the Luau and a few other occasions. Today was just as lame. For the first time in 2 weeks I was actually on time to work. Not just on time, but totally decked out: I had my hair straightened, foundation powdered on, and eyes perfectly lined in a Cleopatra meets Bettie Page sexiness and sporting my new bling, a shiny owl-shaped ring. But my stupid stomach would not stop  grumbling. Its swishy-swashy sounds intensified and my breakfast threatened to escape.

So I went home to sleep in peace.

Except, I live with 2 really needy felines who walked on me, stuck their faces in my face, meowed loudly and tackled each other. After a lunch of plain tomato soup and Hawaiian bread, I settled down on my favorite island (the couch) and watched Amadeus, probably one of my favorite movies.

And then the sadness sunk in.

A scene of Amadeus’s  madness after the sudden death of his father made me miss my own mother, who is currently in her 4th week of hospitalization. I can’t even go visit her until evening visiting hours or even call her to tell her that I’m sick and that I miss her. So I tried to nap it off. But I kept thinking about it: my own parents, others’ parents and Amadeus and his struggle with his own father. My father has become like a ghost the past few months and my mom is certifiable. Even for my birthday, my parents seemed more like memories than parents.

At 24, the only gift my parents can give me is a lifetime of guilt and stress. Well, that’s not going to make my stomach feel better.

And so I’m home on one of the days where it’s a billion degrees outside. I’m too tired to sleep. My make-up smeared from my earlier nap and now i have a chola-like design below one of my eyes. Nice. I’m too dizzy to get in my car and pick up some awesome nourishment that is One World. And all I keep thinking is, “I want to go home.” Except, I am already home and I’m not feeling any better than I did this morning.

Time for the only remedy I know for a sucky day–a punk rock sing-along and extensive cooking. Take that, upstairs neighbors.

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Alternate endings

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June 29th, 2010 Posted 6:50 pm

Joey hates Harry Potter so much, that he has written his own creative endings to the Harry Potter series:

1. The whole series was a dream some guy in a coma was having, then he wakes up to a rumble in the hospital, which is an earthquake and the place collapses, killing him. The End.

2. A large dragon swoops in and eats all the characters in Smogwarts and flies away. The End.

3. Harry potter accidentally shoots Snape in the face with his magic wand and goes to prison, where he gets butt raped and murdered in the magic shower. The End

But Candice has a different approach to how the series ends:

The whole series was a “what might have been” because Harry’s mom actually had an abortion and he never existed. Nick goes “and when Harry’s mom woke up from the anesthesia, the abortion was done.” The End.


Probably, that is not how the series ends, but it was a good laugh.

I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ( HP#4) and I’ve only seen movies 1-4. My goal is to read all the books and watch all the movies before the new one comes out in November. I’ve been reading The Harry Potter series since March, so I feel pretty good about my progress. I did have one of those embarrassing moments when Prisoner of Azkaban was so intense and shocking that I gasped and startled the people around me.

But now the trailer for #7 is out and everyone has been posting it or commenting on it and I’m trying to avoid looking at it, so that it doesn’t ruin the previous books or movies for me. Instead I watched this video, starring Miss Hermoine herself, Emma Watson.

It has an ending that may rival Joey’s—or at least leave you thoroughly confused or annoyed that you had to sit through all 4 minutes of it. Hint: Watching it on mute helps.

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